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5 Oct 2015 The difference between So and Too as well as Neither and Either with these words at: So – Neither – Either – English Grammar Game.

Either, Neither or Both Exercise 9 So who's bringing a tent, either you or Michael? 12 What a disaster. I failed my maths both test and my French test. 13 I like neither Ana nor Sergio. They’re both snobs and obsessed with money. 14 I like both normal paella and seafood …

So / Neither (Nor) / Either / Too When someone expresses a statement, we can simply use phrases like “me neither”, “neither do I”, “nor can cats”, “James doesn’t either”, “so does my dad” etc. to indicate that the same or similar situation applies to another person/group/entity.

Exercise. Find out why some parents think that their teenage sons or daughters have a lot in common with cats. (Don't take it too seriously  8 Feb 2020 The Auxiliary (or To Be/Have) needs to agree with the verb tense in the original statement. It is similar to using TOO at the end of a sentence. So Do I, Neither Do I | Grammar Exercise. June 15, 2017 - pdf. Complete the following pieces of conversation. Notes. The structure 'so do I' or 'so am I' is used to  A Fill the gaps with both, either, either or, neither or neither nor. 1 A: Do you want 6 I found two pairs of nice jeans in the sales so I bought.. . 7   so do I, I am not, either, too, neither do I, also,agreeing diasgareeing how free basic english grammar lessons and exercises exercises. Worksheets and 

Response to negative statement: subject + negative verb + “either” / “neither” + verb + subject STEP 4 – Select a handout according to the topic and verb tenses you wish to practice. Copy and cut out Agreeing: so and neither - Interactive worksheet So - neither interactive and downloadable worksheet. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf. So / neither-English End of the free exercise to learn English: So / neither A free English exercise to learn English. Other English exercises on the same topic : Agreement/Disagreement:Both, so do I, neither do I | All our lessons and exercises So/Neither-English

Neither…nor « English Practice – Learn and Practice ... 1. He can neither speak nor write English. 2. He neither ate the cake himself nor allowed others to eat it. 3. You should neither meet him nor talk to him. 4. She has neither eaten anything nor slept in two days. 5. The old woman can neither walk nor talk. 6. She is neither beautiful nor intelligent. 7. He neither attends the class regularly so, neither – so am I, neither do I, etc. - Test English So, neither – so am I, neither do I, etc. Learn how to use the words 'so' and 'neither' in English. A2. Pre-intermediate English grammar and exercises. Either / neither / both - exercises - Agendaweb

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VY 22 INOVACE OYI26 - BPA Brno VY_22_INOVACE_OYI26 So Neither A.1 Complete the following with so or neither. Ex.- I am a student. So am I. 1. I like to drink alcohol. _____ do I. Exercise on Both, Either, Neither, Nor and So - English ... (Don't take it too seriously, though.) ;o) Both Either Neither Nor So cats and both either neither nor or so teenagers turn their heads when you call them. You would hardly ever see a cat walking outside of the house with its master. B1 Grammar: Both, either and neither - ExamEnglish Free Practice Tests for learners of English. Both, either and neither . B1 Grammar topics So - neither multiple choice test 1 |

Which word - Either, neither, so, too? 1 - ESL worksheet on using there, they're, and their.


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